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Artist Solomon Muhe Picture

Solomon Muhe (ሰለሞን ሙሄ)
ደራሲ፣ዳይሬክተር፣ተዋናይ እና ፕሮዲሰር ሰለሞን ሙሄ ውልደቱም እድገቱም አዲስ አበባ ነው። በጣም በወጣትነቱ ነው ወደ ትወና አልያም ወደ... read all.

Artist Hermon E Demissie Picture

Hermon E Demissie (ሔርሞን እ ደምሴ)
He was a cinematographer on the movie "Kedamena Belay" read all.

Artist Seyifu Bekele Picture

Seyifu Bekele (ሰይፉ በቀለ)
We do not have full information about this artist, Please send us your contributions to... read all.