Bethel Tesfaye (ቤተል ተስፋዬ)


Bethel Tesfaye was born in Adiss Ababa. She is the first child for her family. She was graduated in AAU in the department of social worrk. When Bethy was a child she wanted to be a model so she started modeling when she was 16. After two years, she attended miss Adiss Abeba and Bethy was on top 3. She also works in... read more

Hanan Tarq (ሃናን ታሪቅ)


She has acted on “Yefirkir Kal”, her first film as an actress “Yewededu Semon” and “Astaraki” Amharic films. She was born and raised in Addis Abeba, in a district commonly known as “Olompia” and spent her childhood with her grandmother. She used to see many VHS movies during childhood times. She was casted by ... read more

Nardos Adane (ናርዶስ አዳነ)


Nardos is a young Ethiopian actress.